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Right I am going to lay all my cards on the table over the very disturbing escalation of events in recent days over Syria. Let me state first and foremost that I am extremely concerned that this is the trigger that will launch WW3. I really do think that we are periously close to blowing our planet to smithereens. Quite literally. No more history, no more planet, just a new asteroid belt in the solar system.

Now my position on the situation is this. SOMEONE in Syria has used chemical weapons. That is undoubtly a war crime. And they should be held accountable. However, this does NOT give USA the right to act like judge, jury and executioner. ANY military action on an issue of this magnitude should be put to the UN security council and voted upon there. Obama has said that the international community is at stake. Yes it is. The UN was set up in the aftermath of WW2 to allow for a forum and safeguard against the chances of WW3 from occurring, though heaven knows we have come close on several occasions, and frankly this current crisis is as serious as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

If Obama REALLY cares about the international community then he SHOULD use the UN, wait for the inspectors to compile their report and present it to the Security Council and then ask for a meeting of the Security Council and discuss things. Obama risks being a war criminal himself if he does not take this sensible and statesman like course of action. Then again if WW3 breaks out on the scale I fear then that wont matter I guess as Earth will be dead. Remember that new asteroid belt I referred to earlier.

If any of you reading this are Americans. I urge you to protest in the streets, lobby your senators, refuse to go to work, or do something and say to your politicians NO NO NO. Demand that Obama use the UN. Don't let WW3 start. Don't let Earth be destroyed.

Date: 2013-09-05 01:27 am (UTC)
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Very well said.

Date: 2013-09-05 01:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] skyfire101.livejournal.com
Also the person that used the chemical weapons, should be arrested and placed before a real judge and jury in the Hague, on charges of war crimes. No need for international military action.

Oh and a total blackout to the media, until the trial is complete, so as to stop a trial by media from happening. Not sure if that happens in the UK, but out here at times the media will decide someone is guilty of something, before the trial has finished, which then messes up the person's trial.
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