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In my entry yesterday I hinted how my political views have changed. I wanted to share something important that I hope you will read and think on.

The missile attack ordered by Trump last week was indeed a blantant violation of International Law and he should be prosecuted for war crimes. This so called President is anything but. He is a war mongering war criminal. How dare he attack a sovereign nation without any hard evidence of who did what. 

The situation in Syria is a complex one. I don't believe for one moment that President Bashar Al Assad is responsible for the chemical attack. Back in 2013 he was accused of a gas attack. His Government was later exhonerated of any wrong doing when it was found that it was ISIS who were responsible back then. I believe that what happened in this latest event is a false flag operation took place to smear President Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Government because first of all Trump' s ratings was falling badly. So he waged war to sort that out. Secondly Trump is being controlled by the Military Industrial Complex and neocons who are baying for blood and want to invade Syria for the sake of a pipeline through Syria which by the way is supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Finally Trump used Syria as a pretext to show North Korea that he will press the button.

It is well known that ISIS and the White Helmets are supported and funded by the USA. That is their motive to pull off a false flag attack. Turkey is now under an authorantarian dictatorship under the disgusting Erodgan. He supports ISIS as well. 

I for once support Russia over this. And I support President Bashar Al Assad. I find it disgusting that Trump should bring us all to the brink of WW3 on the basis of a lie and no hard evidence whatsoever that President Assad did this. If I am to be nuked, I hope the Almighty will know I do not support this. 

Trump should be impeached. He is not a President at all. He is thick as two short planks and is a dangerous narcissist and egotistical psychopath. If I was a US citizen I would be resisting the fascist state that America has become. 

I am also disgusted and appalled by my own UK Government and by the behaviour of Theresa May and that spineless idiot Boris Johnson. They disgust me. 

I cannot stand bullies. And Trump is the biggest one around. He has no idea of how his actions affect others. I fear for the future. Saturday will probably see North Korea test another nuke. Don't be surprised if by Monday Trump does something crazy. Or next week. We are living in dangerous times.


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