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A friend is someone who buys you lamp bulbs for your house! 


She was worried that with my eyesight problems i would end up falling down the stairs with winter comming as the hall lights have gone. So kind of her !  I was very touched on Friday when she gave them to me!
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Gosh i am sloshed ! Have been out celebrating a friends 60th birthday. Had a lovely Thai meal in my home town and then went to the local social club. At the meal we talked shop quite alot but also talked of Rebecca, Max De Winter and Jeremy :) Oh and we also talked of the walk i am doing for Jeremy and the two charities. My friend who is celebrating her 60th birthday asked if my friend from Germany was joining me. I were close to tears when she asked that and i sad regrettably no. I very much wish things were different, i would love to have her walking with me, but i know she would not want to :( and i said as much to my friend. In the social club later there was a woman singing who reminded me of Susa and i thought to myself, lady you cannot sing, but i know someone who can !! Actually she was not that bad but she could not hit the high notes like Susa can. I still listen to her singing on my ipod although now it does upset me some days.

Gosh i am sloshed. Zilly-Joan is sitting next to my bed not forgiving me for going out tonight!!! I have to work tomorrow. I wish i did not have to. I want to stay at home and write. Actually i seriously want to get back into acting again. I felt it bugging me tonight, it has been bugging me now for ages but i want to do the archery course first. Am looking forward to that, and i want to concentrate on the walk and do things for Jeremy. But maybe later this year? I love acting so very much. I miss it.


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