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I have been giving this alot of thought for a considerable number of weeks. And it has not been easy decision to make. And frankly i know the outcome will be negative, but i have to at least make the offer.  As you know i will be doing the Jeremy Brett Memorial Walk on September 12th from London Euston to Clapham Common. I am very pleased at how much progress has been made on the walk and am moved by the kindness and generousity shown by so many people with their kind words and donations thus far.  

I am well aware that this Walk is not about me, it is about remembering Jeremy and to raise money for two very good causes. It is about helping other people. I also have very personal reasons for doing this as well.  

I know that last year a friendship i valued so very much with both Susa and Rebecca and two other people died because of a huge argument over last years walk,  and issues building up in the month prior to that as well. I wont dwell on past history. It does no good and only leads to more pain. And i am not looking to enter discussion on that or get dragged into another  argument yet again. I simply cannot afford or want to be thrown back into a depressive state, from which i have recently recovered.

What i am offering  however is an open invitation to Susa and Rebecca to join me on the Walk in September. You dont have to walk , although that would be very much welcomed. You can lend support in other ways, for example  a donation, even if it is for a £1, every little helps. However what i am trying to say that this Walk is not about me, it is not even about them. It is about remembering Jeremy and raising money for two good causes. That is what this is about. Not personal differences.  I just hope this post does not lead to nasty comments and more arguments. I am not looking for one.  However it is a genuine invitation.  Nothing more, nothing less. It is intended in the spirit of what the walk is about.

PS I should also add that this invitation does also extend to Jennifer and Amanda, though i hardly expect them to be phsycially able to visit the UK because of the fact that there is a big pond callled the Atlantic seperating Europe and the USA !!!   Just to make that clearer for all to see !! :)
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Ok, i have been busy this weekend. I am really beginning to get organised for the Jeremy Brett Memorial Walk 2010 this year and i have now created 2 web pages at Just Giving so that donations can be made DIRECT to both charities !! All donations will be gift aided, so the Government wont be able to get their paws on the money for tax purposes. I would be extremely grateful if anyone would be kind enough to donate. I have started this early, so that we can raise as much as possible and help make a difference in honour of such a wonderful actor and human being ! Donations buttons below, one for MDF and one for Cancer Research UK


Thank You ! :)
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As part of the ongoing preparations for Jeremy's Memorial Walk this September i have hit on the idea of creating a new group on You Tube to discuss the walk, a meeting place for arranging walks and exchanging ideas etc. You can find it here !


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I know it is a long way off yet, but preparation and planning is vital, so am making an early start with this. I have made a promotional video advertising my intention to do a new walk for Jeremy this September.

I would love to walk for much further, but unfortunately my foot never did completely heal from the surgery i had done last year.  It was bad enough walking last year as my foot gave way several times.  But i  was determined to carry on. I would only do this for Jeremy and noone else! I will start training for the walk soon, once i have got over this wretched cold of mine!


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