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Please can you support the petition to give Jeremy Brett a posthumous BAFTA award for his many excellent performances on tv, film and stage.  You can visit us for more details and information about the campaign here


and the actual petition can be found here


Thank you !!! :)

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The Cats Mieow is a mostly  Friends Only Locked LJ . If you want to be added please feel free to friend me but ask me !  Send a PM ! Friends only icons kindly made and created by [livejournal.com profile] kcscribbler     and      [livejournal.com profile] holmes221b 

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I am disgusted. What happened in Charlottesville yesterday was an absolute DISGRACE. Everyone of those people carrying a torch should be charged with inciting racial hatred and violence. And it disturbs me that absolutely nobody in the USA has the balls to remove Trump and his whole corrupt White House Administration. Trump is medically unfit for office. He is mentally unwell. Jesus, one only has to look and hear him speak to realise that he is not rational. He is a war criminal with his hands soaked in Syrian blood. And yes I say that explicitly. I openly support President Bashar Hafez Al Assad. He is a secular seeking President who is fighting terrorists. One of the most courageous people around who has integrity and honour. Every inch a President who has fought terrorism in his country for years. Syria was attacked by the West, and yes including the USA. Trump has used chemical weapons TWICE in Syria. That is absolutely barbaric. The CIA are also responsible for the false flag chemical attacks blamed on the Syrian Government. It is despicable.

And Trump is on the verge of taking the world to nuclear war. When will someone take this guy out? I don't mean bump him off, but remove him via impeachment or by the 25th Amendment. It will be far too late when you see mushroom clouds. As it will be the last thing you will see. If the USA does not act quickly, it WILL descend into a civil war.

I am sick and tired of the USA interfering in other countries affairs. It is a war mongering corrupt nation that needs to sort itself out. Yesterday exposed the true face of the hatred in the USA today. Enough is enough.
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Just to let you know I have now successfully imported my LJ to Dreamwith. If anyone wants to friend me there I can be found at


I am aware LJ is likely to crash very soon as it will go bust. So I took action. I will post dually now until LJ is closed.
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In my entry yesterday I hinted how my political views have changed. I wanted to share something important that I hope you will read and think on.

The missile attack ordered by Trump last week was indeed a blantant violation of International Law and he should be prosecuted for war crimes. This so called President is anything but. He is a war mongering war criminal. How dare he attack a sovereign nation without any hard evidence of who did what. 

The situation in Syria is a complex one. I don't believe for one moment that President Bashar Al Assad is responsible for the chemical attack. Back in 2013 he was accused of a gas attack. His Government was later exhonerated of any wrong doing when it was found that it was ISIS who were responsible back then. I believe that what happened in this latest event is a false flag operation took place to smear President Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Government because first of all Trump' s ratings was falling badly. So he waged war to sort that out. Secondly Trump is being controlled by the Military Industrial Complex and neocons who are baying for blood and want to invade Syria for the sake of a pipeline through Syria which by the way is supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Finally Trump used Syria as a pretext to show North Korea that he will press the button.

It is well known that ISIS and the White Helmets are supported and funded by the USA. That is their motive to pull off a false flag attack. Turkey is now under an authorantarian dictatorship under the disgusting Erodgan. He supports ISIS as well. 

I for once support Russia over this. And I support President Bashar Al Assad. I find it disgusting that Trump should bring us all to the brink of WW3 on the basis of a lie and no hard evidence whatsoever that President Assad did this. If I am to be nuked, I hope the Almighty will know I do not support this. 

Trump should be impeached. He is not a President at all. He is thick as two short planks and is a dangerous narcissist and egotistical psychopath. If I was a US citizen I would be resisting the fascist state that America has become. 

I am also disgusted and appalled by my own UK Government and by the behaviour of Theresa May and that spineless idiot Boris Johnson. They disgust me. 

I cannot stand bullies. And Trump is the biggest one around. He has no idea of how his actions affect others. I fear for the future. Saturday will probably see North Korea test another nuke. Don't be surprised if by Monday Trump does something crazy. Or next week. We are living in dangerous times.
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When it comes to giving humanitarian aid I am politically neutral. This post is about giving aid to human beings NOT about which side is right or wrong.

Everyone has heard about the ever-escalating hostilities between Ukraine and Russia in the recent months and years.

Ukrainian army is, unfortunately, woefully under-equipped and under-funded. And, of course, many people in the areas of conflict lost their jobs, and often, their homes and property, especially if they had to seek refuge elsewhere.

I know many people would like to help if they could, and now there is a way to help, from anywhere in the world. There are several organizations raising funds and gathering donations, but there's one particular organization--the F.U.N.D. of Diana Makarova--for which I can personally vouch. It is fully legitimate; its founder, Diana Makarova, has even received an award from the president of the Ukraine last week for her work. And yes, I've given money to this organization myself. They accept donations of equipment, food, toiletries, etc., as well as money to purchase these, and they always report on the collected and sent donations, listing prices and showing photographs of the purchased items.

Their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/fondDM?fref=nf

Their LJ: http://juli-lit.livejournal.com/

If you are able, reposting and spreading this information via FB, forums, and word of mouth would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to donate, the financial information is below. Money can be sent by bank transfer, by Western Union, or by PayPal.

Full information from the F.U.N.D.'s FB page:

Foundation for Urgent Nationwide Deliverance (F.U.N.D.) of Diana Makarova (a.k.a. Lady Diana) – is a volunteer group, aimed at assisting the Army and the National Guard of Ukraine, the wounded and the refugees, and the families of those in active duty.

Foundation for Urgent Nationwide Deliverance (F.U.N.D.) is funded by voluntary charitable donations of compassionate people of various countries.

The details of Foundation for Urgent Nationwide Deliverance (F.U.N.D.) for charitable donations:

By direct-to-card transfer:

PrivatBank, in the name of Hanna Kosinova, card numbers: 5168742331600209 for transfers nominated in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) 5168742011739731 for transfers nominated in Euro (EUR) 5168742017380183 for transfers nominated in US Dollar (USD)

Western Union: For those, who are unable to use direct-to-card transfer, we suggest using Western Union services The recipient is Makarova Oleksandra Oleksandrivna Born September 18, 1989 Having made the transfer with Western Union, you are in possession of a code. Please make sure to inform us of this code at https://www.facebook.com/sandy.pruel

PayPal: our PayPal account is: btf-1@ukr.net

For wire/SWIFT transfers in Euro, please use the following instructions:


For wire/SWIFT transfers in US Dollars, please use the following instructions:


For wire transfers in Ukrainian Hryvnia, please use the following instructions:

Bank: PrivatBank MFO: 305299 Recepient OKPO code: 14360570 Bank OKPO code: 14360570 Recepient account: 29244825509100 For the card number: 5168742331600209

I Am Sorry

May. 5th, 2014 05:09 pm
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This will be one of my rare open unlocked entries as I feel it is an important subject to share.

I was walking home from work tonight and my local supermarket had a sign up saying it would be open on Easter Sunday. I was somewhat stunned and surprised. Surely Easter Sunday should be a day when everything remains shut?! Those who know me well will know I am a very spiritual person and I do have my personal beliefs. I also recognise and respect there are those with other faiths who don't celebrate Easter which is fine, I have no problem with that. But I do feel it is offensive to those who DO celebrate Easter to have businesses open on a Sunday. Surely the nation can survive one day! I remember when I was growing up it was uncommon to find shops open on Sundays and one had to wait till Monday if you needed to get something. So of course the trick was to plan ahead and have enough food and supplies to see you through the weekend. I can appreciate that times have changed with regards to working patterns and that there IS a need for shops to be open on a Sunday as people work shifts etc. BUT BUT BUT!!!! I just feel it is wrong that on Easter Sunday and come to think of it Christmas Day, shops and businesses are open.

I dunno. Is it just me? Am I being unreasonable in my thought processes here? To my mind it just does not feel right somehow. I think if you are going to follow a faith then you should abide by the rules of that faith. I am not affiliated to any particular faith but I do have my leanings and am not quite sure which road to go down. Eventually I shall get things sorted out and join the "club" of the faith I eventually decide to join. But I did at least attend Sunday School. I got thrown out as I asked too many difficult questions and the teachers could not cope with my in depth questions!!! In fact I am amused when looking back at my ancient school reports that I still questioned a lot of things in my R E studies and one report noted that I was asking deeply difficult questions. Another said that I should be focusing "a little closer to home" and not so much on expressing interest in other faiths!!! In today's world that comment would never have been allowed to be made!!

Anyway all thoughts most welcomed!!
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With the drums of war, and lets face it, nuclear war clamouring ever louder, I thought sharing this was appropriate right now

These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me
But my home is the lowlands
And always will be
Some day you'll return to
Your valleys and your farms
And you'll no longer burn
To be brothers in arm

Through these fields of destruction
Baptism of fire
I've witnessed your suffering
As the battles raged higher
And though they did hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me
My brothers in arms

There's so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones

Now the sun's gone to hell
And the moon's riding high
Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die
But it's written in the starlight
And every line on your palm
We're fools to make war
On our brothers in arms

Making this entry public as the world is staring at the abyss right now. And people laughed today when I suggested world war is not far away. So arrogant. They should look to the past as I am now doing so. Peace to everyone. Let's all pray to our God whatever shape or form you happen to follow, that cooler heads prevail. We owe it to future generations to leave a world not ruined by the ravages of a nuclear exchange. Let alone a world war.
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I am thinking of all of those who died during the Holocaust today. I hope the article I wrote for work about the Holocaust last week, helps in a small way to honour and remember all those who died. It was published today and can be read by everyone who works with my employer.

Holcaust 2014

Never Forget. Always Remember.

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I watched the news tonight and was upset to see the full extent of the damage done by Mother Nature in the Philippines. So many dead. This is going to require a global effort to get the survivors the help they need and then of course the rebuilding of towns completely destroyed. It looks like a nuke hit the place. Sheer devastation.

I have donated to help with the aid effort and will do so again in December. But if anyone can donate even just a few pounds it will all help with getting aid to those who need it most.




I am making this entry open for all to view as it is important that we all try and pull together and help in some way in the aftermath of this awful event.
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I am extremely upset. I have just been reading up on all the events in Syria as I am so very concerned that this will lead to WW3. However I was in tears over this particular story


It is bad enough losing your home and everything you valued so much. But to flee a war and in doing so lose your hearing aid is just doubly horrendous. I broke down in tears reading this story. I know exactly what it is like not to have your hearing aid. I wear hearing aids myself and I also fear how I would cope if I lost mine. Sure I could get mine replaced in oh a week tops. A week is bad enough. I would have to take a week off work as I could simply not interact at work. But this boy will be without his for I would say several months at least unless his story prompts swift action to help him.

If I had the money I would pay for the boy to have replacement hearing aids at once. But I don't. Instead I hope that my monthly donations to the Red Cross and the UN will help fund the cost of helping children like this boy.

I don't think I can write anymore. I am just too disgusted and upset at the moment.

Making this post public as I did my last post on Syria as this is too important an issue not to share.
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Right I am going to lay all my cards on the table over the very disturbing escalation of events in recent days over Syria. Let me state first and foremost that I am extremely concerned that this is the trigger that will launch WW3. I really do think that we are periously close to blowing our planet to smithereens. Quite literally. No more history, no more planet, just a new asteroid belt in the solar system.

Now my position on the situation is this. SOMEONE in Syria has used chemical weapons. That is undoubtly a war crime. And they should be held accountable. However, this does NOT give USA the right to act like judge, jury and executioner. ANY military action on an issue of this magnitude should be put to the UN security council and voted upon there. Obama has said that the international community is at stake. Yes it is. The UN was set up in the aftermath of WW2 to allow for a forum and safeguard against the chances of WW3 from occurring, though heaven knows we have come close on several occasions, and frankly this current crisis is as serious as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

If Obama REALLY cares about the international community then he SHOULD use the UN, wait for the inspectors to compile their report and present it to the Security Council and then ask for a meeting of the Security Council and discuss things. Obama risks being a war criminal himself if he does not take this sensible and statesman like course of action. Then again if WW3 breaks out on the scale I fear then that wont matter I guess as Earth will be dead. Remember that new asteroid belt I referred to earlier.

If any of you reading this are Americans. I urge you to protest in the streets, lobby your senators, refuse to go to work, or do something and say to your politicians NO NO NO. Demand that Obama use the UN. Don't let WW3 start. Don't let Earth be destroyed.
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I am making this entry public as I feel it is an important point that I want to share with all who are interested.

During my summer break I went to a cathedral which is one very close to my heart as I have been going there since my childhood and even got permission as a child to do some brass rubbings there which I had to get permission from the Archbishop himself to do. He was rather impressed with my work too. Nowadays one is not allowed to even do that. So it was an honour to have been able to do that.

Anyway I often go there to pray, light some candles for family and friends, and meditate. It is my spiritual sanctuary. I like the idea of being able to leave messages as well. I often write letters addressed to God. It is my way of getting closer to the Creator. And now knowing what I have learnt and been told, it would not surprise me if those you loved so very much who are no longer here are looking over your shoulder as you write. I find that to be of immense comfort and the knowledge I have learnt recently has given me the piece of mind I have been seeking certaintly since 2002 but I have been seeking truths since I was a child.

So you see when I go to a place of worship it is to pray and not treat the place as a tourist attraction, which I find obscene. For the best part of a decade, probably more, my cathedral has been charging people to go in. I have never paid a penny. Why? Because I argued that I was there to pray and since when did the Almighty introduce Pray As You Go?!! I also put to them that a bloke 2,000 years ago turned over chairs and tables for such behaviour. They knew I was right and never contested this.

However to my great surprise and pleasure this summer holiday I was visiting the cathedral with a friend who unfortunately is seriously ill at the moment. I knew on this visit it would for once not be a full prayer visit, as I tend to do that alone as I feel it is a very private thing to do. So I was dreading the prospect of having to pay. But I discovered they no longer charge! I wonder what brought about this change in policy? The one I had fought all this time? I did get to light a few candles in the end and a quick note whilst my friend was in the chapel part of the cathedral. I'll go again in August when I shall spend time to myself and do a proper visit. I might even take another look at the Chapter House as I felt uneasy there and discovered a priest was buried underneath the Chapter House. Last time I had that sensation was when I visited an old house in Cornwall and I asked if it was haunted and I told yes it was by a surprised curator as it was not public knowledge.

Getting back to the point of this post however, I think it is important that in a place of worship once does not force charges on those going there. They are places of worship not museums. I will happily pay to visit the National Gallery or Science Museum in London for example, but I don't think it should be forced for visiting a cathedral or church etc. Voluntary donations sure. I have no problem with that.

I am sure in the Bible it was written that when Jesus ascended He said he would be among us always. I like to think that means that He would be here right now mingling with everyone, having a cup of coffee in Starbucks or something, visiting all sorts of places and so on. I would not mind having that cup of coffee with Him as I have so many questions to ask! Being a writer and full of imagination I could not help but muse the notion that He has visited my cathedral incognito. I wonder what He would have made of the charging regime! I realise there are very high maintenance costs in running these places and fundraising events do take place up and down the country to repair the church roof for example, but really come on, the Church is steeped in money, surely they can apply for a grant of money from the Church admin offices. The Vatican is rolling around in funds, that quite frankly just a small share of that fortune would eliminate world poverty overnight.

Well I have said my bit now. I just had to share my thoughts on what I think is an important topic. I hope you found it of interest.
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I would be greatful if anyone can provide links or resource material for adults who had congential cataracts which matured in adulthood but have experienced issues since that time.  I am looking for absolutely anything on this and with particular reference to peripheral vision issues as well. I am making this entry public soley for the purpose of providing links and information.

Many Thanks
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I have been thinking about things today in relation to International Holocaust Day and I decided to write a short article for a work newsletter in rememberance of all those who died in the Holocaust. I have taken care to mention quite a few of the concentration camps as well.  Of course although I am editor of the Newsletter it will have to be sanctioned and approved by my boss. But I have written it so that it should pass the work censor. I will be furious if they object to it. There is so much ignorance at work.  I think it is imperative that we do rememeber what happened. I am no expert. I am very much learning all about world war two this year. But at least in my own small way, if I can reach out to others via the work newsletter that this must never be forgotten then I shall feel at least I have done something. Not much I know, and far far too little. But I think it is important we should ALL remember.
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For the last week I have been getting mysterious missed calls on my mobile. I was beginning to get really irate with it and was going to block the number today as it seemed to me that it was just a cold calling company trying to do a scam. I am so glad I had not done so. It was actually the UN calling or more specifically UNICEF. I was really surprised and had to repress a smile as I have often joked at work that if I was the head of the UN I would sort things out by having various nations in my office and with one or two nations waiting in the corridor wating outside the "Heads" office to use the school anaology. But always behind my jokes I do often have a serious underpin, which is that I would like to see changes in the world for the better and always to help people if and when I can. It was with this in mind that I donated last year to a major UN appeal for the crisis in Africa. It absolutely disgusts and appalls me that in the 21st century we have people, and in particular children dying as they have no food. I feel ashamed sometimes to be even part of the human race when I see this happening. So of course I donated to at least help in a small way.

Getting back to my call from the UN, it was a follow up to that campaign. They wanted to see if I would donate throught the year an amount via text where the amount I donate would come off my mobile phone bill. I can choose to not donate some months and continue to do so at other times. I think it is a super idea. Once again the donations I will give is again not much but I hope it will be something that will help as unfortunately until politicans and humanity learn to channel their resources into fixing the problem of feeding the world instead of destroying it then sadly the deaths will continue. I am more than happy however to donate to the UN. The way I am donating is a trial run that I am participating in but looking at the Donate page of the UNICEF website there are loads of ways of doing it, including having a donation taken from your pay which is rather good too.

Of course I have gift aided my donations. This gets round the tax issues, making the donation tax free. I cant donate to every single charity under the sun, i simply cannot afford to, but I will gladly do so with the UN and Cancer Research UK. Two totally just causes and close to my heart for very different reasons. I have decided to leave this entry public, in the hope that anyone reading this will be take an interest in what is happening in the world. And also to pass it forward as it were. The more people become involved and do something to help, the better the chances are that in the long term we can build ourselves a better world. We after all are only the caretakers of the Earth and have a responsibility to leave a world to future generations which one day I hope will be free of many of the problems that exist today.
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I am away on holiday from tomorrow and shall not be back online for a fortnight. I shall of course be thinking of all things Sherlock Holmes and as always will take my Moleskine book for jotting down any  ideas and thoughts that comes to mind ! Dr Watson I hope would approve! :)
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I am extremely sorry that BAFTA saw it fit not to award Jeremy Brett a posthumous BAFTA after all and not recognise the tremendous talent and masterclass actor that he was, and not only that but also the huge contribution over a 41 year period to the stage, film and television.  I do feel It is a shameful fact that whilst Jeremy presented a BAFTA at the 1989 ceremony, he was never awarded one.

I am also very sorry for everyone who was involved in the campaign who have worked so very hard. My thoughts are with everyone at the moment. At least there was a campaign and the support from so many people is a lasting tribute to such a talented actor siuch as was Jeremy is a testament in itself. BAFTA may say no but the overwhelming majority of people around the world would beg to differ. That alone is recognition no organisation or anyone can ever deny.


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