wirralbagpuss: (Zilly Dearstalker)
wirralbagpuss ([personal profile] wirralbagpuss) wrote2012-05-02 06:59 pm

BAFTA Decision Thoughts

I am extremely sorry that BAFTA saw it fit not to award Jeremy Brett a posthumous BAFTA after all and not recognise the tremendous talent and masterclass actor that he was, and not only that but also the huge contribution over a 41 year period to the stage, film and television.  I do feel It is a shameful fact that whilst Jeremy presented a BAFTA at the 1989 ceremony, he was never awarded one.

I am also very sorry for everyone who was involved in the campaign who have worked so very hard. My thoughts are with everyone at the moment. At least there was a campaign and the support from so many people is a lasting tribute to such a talented actor siuch as was Jeremy is a testament in itself. BAFTA may say no but the overwhelming majority of people around the world would beg to differ. That alone is recognition no organisation or anyone can ever deny.

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