Apr. 16th, 2014

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This will be one of my rare open unlocked entries as I feel it is an important subject to share.

I was walking home from work tonight and my local supermarket had a sign up saying it would be open on Easter Sunday. I was somewhat stunned and surprised. Surely Easter Sunday should be a day when everything remains shut?! Those who know me well will know I am a very spiritual person and I do have my personal beliefs. I also recognise and respect there are those with other faiths who don't celebrate Easter which is fine, I have no problem with that. But I do feel it is offensive to those who DO celebrate Easter to have businesses open on a Sunday. Surely the nation can survive one day! I remember when I was growing up it was uncommon to find shops open on Sundays and one had to wait till Monday if you needed to get something. So of course the trick was to plan ahead and have enough food and supplies to see you through the weekend. I can appreciate that times have changed with regards to working patterns and that there IS a need for shops to be open on a Sunday as people work shifts etc. BUT BUT BUT!!!! I just feel it is wrong that on Easter Sunday and come to think of it Christmas Day, shops and businesses are open.

I dunno. Is it just me? Am I being unreasonable in my thought processes here? To my mind it just does not feel right somehow. I think if you are going to follow a faith then you should abide by the rules of that faith. I am not affiliated to any particular faith but I do have my leanings and am not quite sure which road to go down. Eventually I shall get things sorted out and join the "club" of the faith I eventually decide to join. But I did at least attend Sunday School. I got thrown out as I asked too many difficult questions and the teachers could not cope with my in depth questions!!! In fact I am amused when looking back at my ancient school reports that I still questioned a lot of things in my R E studies and one report noted that I was asking deeply difficult questions. Another said that I should be focusing "a little closer to home" and not so much on expressing interest in other faiths!!! In today's world that comment would never have been allowed to be made!!

Anyway all thoughts most welcomed!!


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