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It is not often that i get really angry about politics, but this particular issue has really ticked me off. it seems our government clearly in an ill advised attempt to raise cash has decided to sell England forests off to private sector and charities. I know charities like the National Trust will be fine and care for the woodlands but i am highly concerned about the private sector sell off. if it falls into their hands what is to stop them logging/ building holiday homes/lesure parks and then the property developers sneaking in through the back door as they always do. And what about the Government evironmental responsibilities? It is not just the forest that will be lost, but the whole forest ecosystem of plants, animals and flowers that are at stake as well. So much for the Government claiming environmental credentials!!
    England has forests that date back centuries. We cannot allow the selling off the forests to which all members of the public has free access to at present from being sold off/destroyed. I have signed the petition to voice my concern over this issue. After all i did do an Environmental Studies degree and as part of my studies looked at forest ecosystems and went out on a field trip to a forest and dug a deep hole in the forest ground to exammine the different soil layers! I loved doing that degree but i disgress. We need to help save our planet and not destroy it.  If you would like to sign the petition to save Englands forests the petition can be found on the link below.




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The human acting was awful, but the tigers were brilliant. I watched this today and almost cried. Here is a trailer for the movie

What gets me is that it is set in the 1920s but the same cruelty, inhumnanity and blatant disrespect for animals still continue today.  I find that shameful and it makes me very upset indeed. At least i can look after Zilly-Joan who knows i love her and am giving her a good home. At least she is safe and happy.  I wish i could just bang a few more heads together and save the rest of the planet! Not going to happen i know. We are destroying this global  ecosystem, and in doing so we are are destroying ourselves. Maybe we deserve that fate. As i wrote once in an Environmental Studies degree paper, we are not owners of Earth, we are mearly caretakers for future generations. I worry about what state the planet will be in a 100 years from now. If we've not destroyed the planet in a nuclear war, and yes i can still see that happening, then what will Earth be like. I very much suspect a mere shadow of herself. :(


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