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Incomming Transmission From Starfleet Command
Stardate 20101026

Attention All Starfleet Captains

Your attention is drawn to the decision by Starfleet Command to commemorate a final launching of a vintage NASA Space Shuttle craft before it is decomissioned from it's curent status as a vintage flight crusier. To celebrate this memorable event please participate in Starfleet Commands poll to choose what music you would like to hear being played by the crew during the final launch. You may use the following comm link to vote


Your participation is most welcomed.

I trust you will make the logical choice. Live Long and Prosper

Ambassador Spock
Cowboy dipolmacy when needed
Head of Vulcan Affairs
Romulan Liaison Appointee To Vulcan
Starfleet Cultural and Diplomacy Attache
End of Transmission

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Because of the importance of what has happened and the impact that this will have on all of us, i have decided to make this a public entry as i feel we should all consider this carefully. In 1969 we took the first steps on the moon. I was but stardust at the time and being created at the time !!!! Hehehehehe.
 Anyhow the Moon explorations ended in 1972 with Apollo 17. We have never been back. In the last few years there have been plans for Mankind to go back to the moon, well NASA did anyway. Bit this week President Obama has now put a nail in the coffin of these plans by cancelling /removing funding for this because of the credit crisis/crunch. In my opinion i think this is a disaterous week for Mankind. Why? Well it works on several levels. Firstly the argument that we cannot go back to the Moon is bollocks. We spend so much more on killing each other in pointless wars. If only we turned all that cash over to peaceful causes like sorting out world poverty and so on we would still have enough to go back to the Moon !!! Second arguement is that by going back to the moon and setting up a base there we can discover and develop new technologies that would have far reaching consequences for us all. One only has to look at what the Apollo missions brought us.. computers !!! And i would not be sitting by the gas fire on my lap top with Zilly Joan purring nearby today to write this without the technologies brought by the Apollo missions.  And with that thought this leads me onto my next arguement. We can learn new techniquies and ways of managing our envirionment on Earth by having a base on the Moon. We can also monitor the Earth from the base as well. This is another consideraton.  Finally given our warlike ways and damage to the planet we need a permanet human settlement on the Moon. It's called continiation of the Human Race should it wipe itslef out. And talking of moving home we really should be looking at setting up shop on Mars as well. 
 If we are to progress as a Human Race, we cannot let lame excuses such as debt stop us from our destiny of reaching the stars. Not to do so is denying future generations the opportunity to reach out and explore. And that is a crime against humanity.


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