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I have created a new community to discuss all things relating to Dr. Watson. Members can discuss anything to do with Dr.Watson in the Canon or the actors who played him on film, TV, and stage. The community can also discuss Victorian medicine, Victorian life, the Afghan war, First World War, anything really that relates to Dr. Watson and his friendship with Sherlock Holmes

If you want to join, just click on this link and you will find yourself welcomed to Dr. Watson's Consulting Room !!  [info]jwatsonmd 

Hope to see you there !!! :)
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Well today i have been putting together a new community for Jeremy !!   [livejournal.com profile] jbbandstand    The aim of the community is to share what we have done for Jeremy in his memory, whether it be a poem. planting a tree or some other gift.  And we can discuss what Jeremy means to you, what impact he has had on our lives. We can also discuss Jeremy's brilliance on stage, tv and film, and discussion of books about him are welcome too.

Membership is open to everyone, all will be welcomed in to the community without prejudice ! :) So please do come on in and join in the fun !! :) I look forward to having you on board. And dont forget there is plenty of room for expansion in the community as well.


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