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Wooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo!!! Gordon Brown has resigned !!! He is no longer PM !!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I am pleased. And now David Cameron is PM and Nick Clegg will be deputy PM. I am very pleased. This is what i wanted. Labour has been forced from power. And Aliaster Darling will no longer have a smug look on his face. Never liked him. He is so two faced. He was like that in Civil Service. I read his e mails with contempt!

Happy Happy Happy !!!! But i think we will have another General Election within 18 months though. But i think things will be better now. New Labour will be swept away and replaced by a Labour Party for a new political age. I am a socialist at heart but i felt betrayed by the New Labour Party of recent years. That was not the politics i wanted in my country thank you very much.

So already some news analaysts are already comparing Cameron to Ben Disraeli. Hmmm we shall see !! But he will be the youngest PM since the 1820s (Lord Liverpool apparently)

Interesting days ahead...
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Gordon Brown has resigned !!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! He will still be around until September until the new Government and Labour Party leader has been elected. That's fair play. Got no argument about him being a caretaker leader. But wow a huge political event in UK history. Not since Margaret Thatcher's resignation really has there been such drama. Well she was pushed out really. I felt sorry for her in the  end, She was a good Prime Minister up until the Falklands War, and then she lost the plot after that. I remember the riots in Liverpool and other cities (London) I remember the dole queues, YTS Schemes.  Boys From The Blackstuff summed up everything wrong with Britain in the 1980s.  Great BBC Tv Series that. I remember how Thatcher became more and more dictorial in her leadership of the country and even started to see herself as some sort of regal figure. She was clearly becomming ill mentally. And so she was pushed out. And now she is senial. A pitiful shadow of her former self. So yes i pity her really.

I rather suspect we may end up having a new General Election within a year.  Interesting times ahead. What will piss me off if as it now appears that there may be a Lib Labour Alliance. I DO NOT WANT LABOUR IN POWER !!! I did not vote for Labour and i will be bloody furious if Labour do remain in power.  GRRRR !



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