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Just choked on my drink watching the news. We have had very bad snowfalls here. And the newsreader went on to say

"Britain has experienced a major shift in weather patterns"

Oh really? No shit Sherlock !! I certaintly felt that major shift when i fell this morning ! facepalm  !!!  And they then went on to describe what was causing it. This is NOT a major metological shift in weather patterns !! We have had cold weather blowing in from Russia before. It has just not happened for a long time !!  I am old enough to remember the last time this happened. Oh well.... just goes to show how BBC standards are slipping !!
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Just a quick update to my Jeremy Brett DVD petition entry below, i've just trawled the BBC Shop to see if the 1979 BBC series of Rebecca was released on DVD and i am appalled to discover it has not been! Shameful!! So i have  e mailed the BBC to ask why not and i hopefully will get a response!!! You never know they just might put something together in time for Chrimbo !!!! :) I'd rather have JB anyday than another re run of Casualty for crying out loud !!!! 

I've also pasted the petition link to the signature box on alot of the forums i frequent. The more people are made aware, the better the chance will be for this campaign to succeed. Now that i know about this petition, i will do anything i can to help !!! :) 



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