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I thought i would share with you some cat magic captured on my mobile phone !!

Hope you enjoyed  that !! :D
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With it being Easter and all that, i thought i would share the story of Zilly-Joan with you all. Zilly_Joan came into my life at the beginnign of this year. I did not see her at first. My heart was set on first of all a tortieshell that was a stunning mirror image of Pussy, my 21 year old cat who died on Feb 14th 1995. But the plans to adopt her fell through. And then there was another cat but she was alledged to have had cat litter issues and i had to turn her down because i did not have the time to care for her if that was the case.  So then i met Zilly-Joan.
  Zilly-Joan was a very shy cat when i saw her in her RSPCA home. She was clearly depressed and miserable. I went and talked with her, and she took to me immediately deciding she liked my lap and curled up on it !! :) When i called for her she responded as well. My heart was set on her and i brought her home. Zilly-Joan was 16 months old at the time, she is a lovely black cat ! But she was somewhat underweight. And her furry coat did not have any gloss or shine. I am not surprised. When i asked about her background i was appalled at what i heard. She was basically mistreated, had kittens when she was barely out of kittenhood herself. And if that is not enough, Zilly-Joan and the newborn kittens were thrown out onto the streets in the snow and cold, abandoned. Bastards. If i ever get hold of her former
owner(s) there would be no telling what i would do. Thump them hard i suspect ! How can anyone be so cruel to such a defenceless animal or any anmial for that matter is beyond me. Truly disgusting!
  Zilly-Joan has been home for three months and we have bonded! She has developed a wicked sense of humour, and has become quite vocal !! I am beginnign to suspect that there might be a bit of Siamese in her. She does have a few white strands of fur in her !  Her fur is all shiny and glossy as well!! Such a transformation from the shy, underweight cat i brought home. I cant even begin to describe how much Zilly-Joan means to me. She has certaintly helped me come out of my depression, sat with me when i broke down and cried a few times, in joy and in sadness, and sleeps with me most nights, and has made me laugh. She loves the scraps of salmon, pepperoni and cheese i give her, she is a damn good beggar. Her eyes just makes your heart melt !! And her paw raised in the air too..gets me every time !! I dont think i could imagine life without her now. I think it is fair to say we have helped each other, Zilly-Joan helped me get out of depression, and i helped her overcome her traumatic ordeal. Definetely grounds for a friendship !! :)


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