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I am sickened with disgust. I have lost my Mother and friends to the horror that is cancer. It is a cruel, painful and insideous disease and you never really get over the death of one you love from this terrible disease watching them suffer and slowly die in front of you. It continues to cause me pain and i do break down in tears even now when i remember seeing my Mother learning of her illness and then having to watch her die.
  The Government has never put serious thought, funding or support to the cause of Cancer Research. Instead too many good people have put their own time and effort into raising funding for the cause, but when it comes to politicians they have not even bothered to lift a finger. And now an election promise by the current Government in the UK that if they win this years General Election then they will provide free one to one care for cancer patients. All very laudable but it does not win my respect. if they really cared they coould have done this years ago. So i see this as nothing but a cheap and frankly sickening cheap shot to win votes. I am seething with anger over this. I am seriously considering not bothering to vote at all this time round.  But this announcenment has angered me. It is two faced and an insult to everyone who has fought this disease either directly or indirectly.


Support Cancer Research by donating a little something each month. Together we can beat this thing and politicans can go shove their voting  dreams where the sun dont shine !!! 

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Well my patience has finally snapped and i am now well and  truly annoyed. Or to put it bluntly pissed off. Saw on Sky News tonight this article which has sent my blood pressure soaring


How dare they !!!! I am so bloody furious. If people can afford to pay for the drugs to save their lives, fine, got no arguement with that. But to advocate a two tier system is simply not on. Either the NHS funds all of the cancer treatments/drugs/medications via the NHS and paid for by taxpayers money or it disabands itself and we in the UK adopt a completely private health system whereby we all pay into a private health insurance scheme.  The NHS cannot just turn round and say to Joe Bloggs, sorry but as you cannot afford the top ups you are gonna die in x amount of months in comparison to someone who can afford to pay £3k a month for treatment and have a longer life span. It is simply morally wrong. What right have they to play God and decide who gets to live and who dies? What's worse is that the Government should put their money where their mouth is and properly fund cancer treatment in the UK.
               Why should members of the public have to raise money via charity donations to fund cancer treatments/equiptment. As noble and courageous as these activites are, it is surely the duty of the Government to fund the NHS to provide the treatment.  It really makes me so very very angry. The question is, what can i do to make changes to bring justice for so many people? I dont know yet, but i am not gonna twiddle my thumbs and stay silent any longer. I have honoured my Father's request not to do charity work for the last six years. But he did not say dont get political. Well now i am. I'm gonna start speaking out about this. Dont know how yet or what the action plan will be, but by God i will speak out. Too many people have suffered because of this evil evil disease. Enough is enough. The Cat's Mieow is gonna become a ROAR !!! 


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