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I watched the news tonight and was upset to see the full extent of the damage done by Mother Nature in the Philippines. So many dead. This is going to require a global effort to get the survivors the help they need and then of course the rebuilding of towns completely destroyed. It looks like a nuke hit the place. Sheer devastation.

I have donated to help with the aid effort and will do so again in December. But if anyone can donate even just a few pounds it will all help with getting aid to those who need it most.




I am making this entry open for all to view as it is important that we all try and pull together and help in some way in the aftermath of this awful event.
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For the last week I have been getting mysterious missed calls on my mobile. I was beginning to get really irate with it and was going to block the number today as it seemed to me that it was just a cold calling company trying to do a scam. I am so glad I had not done so. It was actually the UN calling or more specifically UNICEF. I was really surprised and had to repress a smile as I have often joked at work that if I was the head of the UN I would sort things out by having various nations in my office and with one or two nations waiting in the corridor wating outside the "Heads" office to use the school anaology. But always behind my jokes I do often have a serious underpin, which is that I would like to see changes in the world for the better and always to help people if and when I can. It was with this in mind that I donated last year to a major UN appeal for the crisis in Africa. It absolutely disgusts and appalls me that in the 21st century we have people, and in particular children dying as they have no food. I feel ashamed sometimes to be even part of the human race when I see this happening. So of course I donated to at least help in a small way.

Getting back to my call from the UN, it was a follow up to that campaign. They wanted to see if I would donate throught the year an amount via text where the amount I donate would come off my mobile phone bill. I can choose to not donate some months and continue to do so at other times. I think it is a super idea. Once again the donations I will give is again not much but I hope it will be something that will help as unfortunately until politicans and humanity learn to channel their resources into fixing the problem of feeding the world instead of destroying it then sadly the deaths will continue. I am more than happy however to donate to the UN. The way I am donating is a trial run that I am participating in but looking at the Donate page of the UNICEF website there are loads of ways of doing it, including having a donation taken from your pay which is rather good too.

Of course I have gift aided my donations. This gets round the tax issues, making the donation tax free. I cant donate to every single charity under the sun, i simply cannot afford to, but I will gladly do so with the UN and Cancer Research UK. Two totally just causes and close to my heart for very different reasons. I have decided to leave this entry public, in the hope that anyone reading this will be take an interest in what is happening in the world. And also to pass it forward as it were. The more people become involved and do something to help, the better the chances are that in the long term we can build ourselves a better world. We after all are only the caretakers of the Earth and have a responsibility to leave a world to future generations which one day I hope will be free of many of the problems that exist today.


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