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 I am delighted to be able to announce that a new campaign has started to get Jeremy the BAFTA he so richly deserved. Please can you support the petititon to make this happen!


Alot of work going on behind the scenes so stay tuned for further updates :)

Lets work together to make this happen :)
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I hit on the idea of producing a short video in support of the petition to get Jeremy Brett's performances on DVD and then spreading the word on the net with this video!!! Hope it is ok!!

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Just a quick update to my Jeremy Brett DVD petition entry below, i've just trawled the BBC Shop to see if the 1979 BBC series of Rebecca was released on DVD and i am appalled to discover it has not been! Shameful!! So i have  e mailed the BBC to ask why not and i hopefully will get a response!!! You never know they just might put something together in time for Chrimbo !!!! :) I'd rather have JB anyday than another re run of Casualty for crying out loud !!!! 

I've also pasted the petition link to the signature box on alot of the forums i frequent. The more people are made aware, the better the chance will be for this campaign to succeed. Now that i know about this petition, i will do anything i can to help !!! :) 

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I have signed a petition to demand that all of Jeremy Bretts performances are released for everyone to enjoy and are not locked up in some studio storage cupboard. Jeremy Brett was a brilliant and wonderful actor,  very much on a par if not better than Laurence Oliver. I think it a a damming indictment of the film awards industry that he was not recognised by BAFTA for his work and nothing done since. The very least that can be done is to release the rest of his work on DVD. So please if anyone is reading this and cares about one of the best actors ever to tread the boardwalks in the 20th century, please please please sign this petition and lets get togther and honour this truly wonderful actor and human being.


Thank You :)


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