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I am extremely sorry that BAFTA saw it fit not to award Jeremy Brett a posthumous BAFTA after all and not recognise the tremendous talent and masterclass actor that he was, and not only that but also the huge contribution over a 41 year period to the stage, film and television.  I do feel It is a shameful fact that whilst Jeremy presented a BAFTA at the 1989 ceremony, he was never awarded one.

I am also very sorry for everyone who was involved in the campaign who have worked so very hard. My thoughts are with everyone at the moment. At least there was a campaign and the support from so many people is a lasting tribute to such a talented actor siuch as was Jeremy is a testament in itself. BAFTA may say no but the overwhelming majority of people around the world would beg to differ. That alone is recognition no organisation or anyone can ever deny.

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I hit on the idea of producing a short video in support of the petition to get Jeremy Brett's performances on DVD and then spreading the word on the net with this video!!! Hope it is ok!!

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Spent all night doing this and am now very tired, it now being 4am in the morning here!. I hope this video i made will honour the memory of JB. I wanted to do something a bit more uplifting  and at the same time convey a sense of who he was. I hope i got the balance right. I had to scan the lyrics as with being deaf i dont always fiollow the words to a song, usually takes me months to learn a song. But i knew Neil Diamond would'nt let me down as he is quite easy to follow ! Anyway it's done now. Actually i found myself crying making this. I just hope i did JB justice and that people will enjoy it.

RIP Jeremy. But always in my heart :) Will be wearing my red socks today.
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Only took me a day to do but i have managed to put together a new SH/JB video called Lost And Found. I learnt alot more about using windows movie maker wth this. Mainly in putting together clips from different epsiodes, where as before i only did a tribute video from one episode. I hope it is ok. Next time round i am going to have a play with adding some special effects, getting a bit more confident now in producing a video. .As to the video itself i had my recent story in mind called Lost And Found


It is meant to complement the story as Watson struggles with his grief over Sherlock's death and looks back on past cases. And then we lead up to the joyful reunion.  

Anyway here it is and i hope you enjoy it.

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Just a quick update to my Jeremy Brett DVD petition entry below, i've just trawled the BBC Shop to see if the 1979 BBC series of Rebecca was released on DVD and i am appalled to discover it has not been! Shameful!! So i have  e mailed the BBC to ask why not and i hopefully will get a response!!! You never know they just might put something together in time for Chrimbo !!!! :) I'd rather have JB anyday than another re run of Casualty for crying out loud !!!! 

I've also pasted the petition link to the signature box on alot of the forums i frequent. The more people are made aware, the better the chance will be for this campaign to succeed. Now that i know about this petition, i will do anything i can to help !!! :) 

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I have signed a petition to demand that all of Jeremy Bretts performances are released for everyone to enjoy and are not locked up in some studio storage cupboard. Jeremy Brett was a brilliant and wonderful actor,  very much on a par if not better than Laurence Oliver. I think it a a damming indictment of the film awards industry that he was not recognised by BAFTA for his work and nothing done since. The very least that can be done is to release the rest of his work on DVD. So please if anyone is reading this and cares about one of the best actors ever to tread the boardwalks in the 20th century, please please please sign this petition and lets get togther and honour this truly wonderful actor and human being.


Thank You :)

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I thought people readign this might want to know more about the new story i am writing. You can find it here


Let me know what you think!!! :)


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